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Thursday, March 26th


Apparently, there are those at the grocery stores who have deemed themselves the food police during this pandemic. While waiting in line to check out I saw a lady (in her workout clothes) eyeballing the items in my cart. She asked if I was an emotional eater. I said well, I eat when I’m glad, sad, mad and bad so I guess the answer would be yes. I thought that pretty well covered the emotions.

She said well it’s important to still exercise during this time and get your steps in. I said, oh that hasn’t been a problem at all. I’m continually stepping from my recliner to the kitchen and back multiple times a day.

By the look on her face, I’m guessing she didn’t appreciate my humor.

Emotions; they are ever more running high at this time. From one news briefing to the next it seems the anxiety, frustration, and fear are growing more and more out of control. Amid uncertainty and unrest, we can be certain that we serve a God who is in complete control and provides rest for our souls. He is a “Good Good Father!

In our humanness, it is easy even for God’s children to become anxious and fearful. Especially in times like these that most have never witnessed. So, imagine what those who are not born-again believers must be experiencing. I have seen and heard this statement multiple times over the past two weeks; “The church is not the building. WE are the church.”

What an opportunity for us to make an amazing, lasting and unforgettable impact in our communities, our nation and our world. The lost need to see Christ in and through us. We show them with a smile, a hello, a helping hand with getting their groceries, delivering a meal, a phone call to encourage the lonely. Sending a card, text or email to say I’m thinking about you and am praying for you.

Being the Church doesn’t require a doctorate degree. Being the Church requires a willing heart that reaches outward to others with the compassion and love of Christ.

As we continue to weather this storm let’s remember WE are The Church!

“For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.” 1 Corinthians 3:9

Until next week……. Don’t forget to smile (and wash your hands)! Tammy

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