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Thursday, January 23rd


I travel regularly on business mostly requiring that I travel by air. On a recent trip, I was going from Georgia to Arkansas on one of the smaller aircrafts with very tight seating. I noticed the first two rows on the right side of the plane were vacant, so I decided to have a conversation with the flight attendant. A conversation as it turns out, that was very short. It went something like this………

Me: “Once boarding is complete; can I move up to one of those seats if they are still available?

Flight Attendant: “No, I’m sorry, those seats have a weight restriction.”

I thought alrighty then. I guess that means when she pushes that little silver cart down this aisle only big enough for a toddler to walk down, she won’t be offering me a snack.

I have decided my Valentine's gift to myself this year is going to be a neck brace because I spend 90% of my time shaking my head back and forth. In Jesus' name, that is!

"God, Give Us Self-Control" is the title of a devotional I read recently. Here is an excerpt from that devotional by Lysa Terkeurst.

"When someone else’s actions or statements threaten to pull me into a bad place, I have a choice. It may feel like I must react according to my feelings, but I don’t. I have a choice. My choice is whether to give them the power to control my emotions. When I react by flying off the handle or making a snappy comment back, I basically transfer my power to the other person.

By saying, “my power,” I don’t mean something I have conjured up myself. I am referring to God’s power working in me. When I react according to God’s Word, I feel that power. When I react contrary to God’s Word, I feel powerless. The answer to keeping God’s Word with me is to get His Word in me. So, my new tactic when facing a situation where someone aggravates me is, I am going to start quoting God’s Word to myself."

As I meditated on this devotional, I was grateful that I don’t have to be “restricted” by my emotions. I have a choice to move beyond those thoughts and feelings that make and keep me captive. Responding God’s way by utilizing God’s Word and power within me brings freedom.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather walk in freedom than be bound in captivity.

My prayer for myself and each of you is that we will be found faithful to be in God’s Word in order that we can be obedient in walking God’s way.

“Thy Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

Until next week……..Don’t forget to smile!

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