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Thursday, August 20th


A man was sitting on the couch watching television. His wife walked by and smacked him on the head with a newspaper. He said what was that for? She handed him a slip of paper containing the name Sally and a phone number. She asked who Sally was. He said, oh honey, you know I went to the track on Saturday. That was the name of the horse I bet on. A few days later he was again sitting and watching television. His wife walked by and slapped him on the head. He yelled and said what was that for. She said, your horse just called.

I must admit two things. One, I found the wife’s response funny and two, I would have loved to see the husband’s face. While I found the above example funny, I realize trust, especially in these times, is a serious issue.

I am in a lady’s bible study group. We started a new study three weeks ago titled “Trusting God”. Four chapters in and I can already say this is an amazing study. The author poses many questions, inviting the reader to take a deep dive into God’s Word as well as asking the reader to reflect within themselves.

Throughout our lives, if we are honest, we have all found ourselves questioning God in any given situation or questioning ourselves about God in that situation. For example, “If God is in control, then why would He allow this to happen?” Do you think that question has been asked over the past 4 months? I can answer that for you with a resounding, absolutely!

The Scriptures teach us three essential truths about God – truths we must believe if we are to trust Him in adversity. They are:

  • God is completely sovereign - God in His sovereignty has the power to bring it about.

  • God is infinite in wisdom - God in His wisdom always knows what is best for us.

  • God is perfect in love - God in His love always wills what is best for us.

We must believe these three truths if we are to trust God.

We often question the sovereignty of God because we don’t understand what God is doing. Because He doesn’t act as we think He should, our conclusion is He cannot act as we think He would. We want to put God in our little box. When we don’t get the result or the answer, we “desire” we struggle with, “Can I trust God?” “Does God even care?” “Am I not good enough?” “Am I not spiritual enough?” “Why this, why that?”

Believers as well as unbelievers experience anxiety, frustration, heartache, disappointments, physical pain and tragedies. It comes down to the answers of the questions.

Can we trust God with the diagnosis? Can we trust God to heal our grieving heart? Can we trust God to provide when we lose our job? Can we trust God that He has a plan when all we see is chaos?

If we are to trust God, we must learn to see that He is continuously at work in every aspect and every moment of our lives, even when we don’t understand. I pray for God to stamp the truths above into the depths of my heart and soul that I may grow in knowledge and truth as I strive to live for him. Will you join me in that prayer for yourself?

Until next week don’t forget to smile!

Note: Bold/Italic are excerpts from Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

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