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Whatever It Takes

Thursday, April 30th

Whatever It Takes

I ran out of my cologne last weekend. The store where I purchase it is obviously closed. Fortunately, I found a magazine I had recently purchased. It had a couple of those perfume sample squares inside. I used one of those to rub on my wrists and neck just before going to the grocery store. When I checked out the clerk said, "your cologne smells good. What is it?" I said, "page 14".

I read the following question recently and it really made me stop and think.

“Do you have whatever it takes, to do whatever it takes?”

I’m not talking about your ability. Many Christians have tremendous ability but fail miserably in their walk with God. We can hear wonderful, moving sermons, read terrific devotion, get our emotions at a peak and feel good. The truth is we won’t see Jesus until we truly seek Him.

It’s not up to anyone else. Nobody can make you read your bible, pray, or go to church. We must take personal responsibility in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Do we have the determination and desire to do whatever it takes to seek Jesus?

I was reminded of a couple of stories in the bible.

Luke 19 tells the story of Jesus passing through Jericho. There was a man named Zaccheus who was determined to see Jesus. Zaccheus knew because of his small size he would not be able to see Jesus through the large crowd that had gathered. So, he ran ahead and climbed a tree.

Mark 2 tells the story of another large crowd that had gathered in Capernaum to hear Jesus speak. There were 4 men who had a friend who was paralyzed. They were determined to get their friend to Jesus for him to be healed. Seeing the large crowd, they knew they would not be able to get to Jesus. So, they had to remove the roof and lower the pallet on which their paralyzed friend was lying.

How determined and desperate are we to get to Jesus? Are we willing to do whatever it takes to get to Him no matter how uncomfortable it may be?

How determined are we to serve and love others that we will do whatever it takes to get them to Jesus? Are we willing to put our pride aside and risk criticism in order to share the gospel to a lost and dying world?

Do we have whatever it takes to do whatever it takes? It is up to each of us to search our hearts and decide.

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”1 Corinthians 10:31

Until next week……. Don’t forget to smile (and wash your hands)! Tammy

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